Letter Art: D is for Do

Yoda was wrong. Trying is doing. Every action, even unsuccessfully lifting an X-wing out of a swamp, means you are doing something, even if it is only standing still looking cross-eyed. You can’t “do more” with your day. At every moment you are engaged in an activity. You might be binge-eating Mint Milanos and binge-watchingContinue reading “Letter Art: D is for Do”

Letter Art: Say It With Chocolate

‘ Labels courtesy of corporate websites. While I was tempted to buy them all to photograph an arrangment, my A1C would not have appreciated the amount of product involved. Happy Valentine’s Day! Chocolate Brand Lists Chocolate Wikia Wiki: Chocolate Chocolate Sites Rausch Oh Henry! Dove NestlĂ© Eat-More York Peppermint Patty Snickers Scharffenberger After Eight GodivaContinue reading “Letter Art: Say It With Chocolate”

Letter Art: Invitation

Have any interest in drawing, photographing, or otherwise creating letters? Join me. I am looking for Guest Artists for Letter Art Sundays. Inspiration For Mapping Manhattan, Becky Cooper gave out blank maps. People filled the silhouettes with images, landmarks, and significant moments from their own lives. The maps of Manhattan are the same but different.Continue reading “Letter Art: Invitation”