Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble

Two years ago, Katie Wood was gracious enough to let me post her essay [Why I Ride by Katie Wood]. This year’s winner is Rachel Wamble. Requirements for the Outstanding Youth Award given by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama include academics, extra‐curricular activities, community service/volunteerism, and an essay about one of these topics:Continue reading “Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble”

Hyracotherium, Guest Post

I love it when my friends travel & bring back blog posts. Welcome Michelle. Photos by Michelle Duplichien. Houston Museum of Natural Science   ~~~ Spotted is a big fan of equid history. Spotted in Boston ~~~ Previous Travel Posts by Michelle NACHS Recovery Day 1 Disney zebras, Orlando FL Driftwood Disaster Statue Biloxi MSContinue reading “Hyracotherium, Guest Post”

Guest Cats: Li’l Bit & Saban

(Last guest cat post. For now.) Li’l Bit (top, white) & Saban (bottom, tabby) live in Trussville, AL. Li’l Bit was one of the two adorable kittens from last summer [SSF Kitten Tweets]. Photos by Courtney Huguley. ~~~ Day +2: Recovery 2015 NACHS Recovery Day 2 2014 This Is Not News & Images of America:Continue reading “Guest Cats: Li’l Bit & Saban”

Ride PHAT for International Helmet Awareness Day

Taken by the Roaming Reader at the welcome station in Fair Haven VT. PHAT (Protect your Head at All Times) is a non-profit program that promotes the use of helmets in all sports where head injury is a serious risk. Its work is based on recent medical literature proving helmets work in preventing head injuriesContinue reading “Ride PHAT for International Helmet Awareness Day”

Guest Post: Call Her George, The Mares Meet

Coach Kate [Lesson] bought a new horse. She sent us a photo series of the introductions among the three mares. I immediately asked if I could abscond with the pictures and commentary. Yes, to know me is to become blog material. Welcome Kate. ~~~ Thank you for reading, Katherine Walcott