Hyracotherium, Guest Post

I love it when my friends travel & bring back blog posts. Welcome Michelle. Photos by Michelle Duplichien. Houston Museum of Natural Science   ~~~ Spotted is a big fan of equid history. Spotted in Boston ~~~ Previous Travel Posts by Michelle NACHS Recovery Day 1 Disney zebras, Orlando FL Driftwood Disaster Statue Biloxi MSContinue reading “Hyracotherium, Guest Post”

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thursday!     Thanksgiving Posts 2012 A Horse’s Thanksgiving 2013 Life’s Mysteries 2014 Hay Bale Art: Thanksgiving 2014 2015 Show Tweets, Georgia Fall Classic 2015 Hay Roll Posts Snowman A Couple of Hay Rolls Foto Friday: Hay Rolls Hay Bale Art: Thanksgiving 2014 Alternative Uses For A Hayroll Department of Historical VeracityContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2016”

Letter Art: Runic, Kinda

~~~ Inspired by a passage from The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Runic alphabets are composed solely of straight lines. Their letters are called runes and were often used for carving in stone because curves were too difficult to chisel. Audio CD/p123, Google Books Or not. Brown is admirable for his ability to spin aContinue reading “Letter Art: Runic, Kinda”