Why I Ride by Katie Wood

Requirements for the Outstanding Youth Award given by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama include academics, extra‐curricular activities, community service/volunteerism, and an essay about one of these topics: 1) What riding means to you OR 2) Ways in which you have promoted the American Saddlebred. Minimum of 250 words for Senior Applicants and 100Continue reading “Why I Ride by Katie Wood”

All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post

This was the post that got me thinking about model horse showing. Welcome Beth. How A Billboard In Vienna Helped Win A Ribbon In Atlanta: The Wonderful Craziness of Model Horse Shows by Beth Patterson My name is Beth and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to plastic ponies. Not the ones from youth with theContinue reading “All Hail Augustus Invictus, A Guest Post”

I Beg to Differ, A Guest Post

This thoughtful commentary arrived in my inbox from a reader by the name of Louise Swan. Welcome Louise: In her post, Old Age Arrives, Katherine bemoans the onset of her “old age”. One reply commented that the senior discounts are “the only time growing old has an advantage.” [Not ‘bemoans’ as much as ‘amused by’.Continue reading “I Beg to Differ, A Guest Post”

You’re Not Done Yet: Writing the Book Is Just the First Step. Guest Post by Maggie Dana

Equine author Maggie Dana. Welcome Maggie: Every day, new books appear on shelves both physical and virtual, but how do they get there? Most readers don’t know and don’t care. They just want a book that fills their need—be it a page-turning thriller, a compelling memoir, or even a manual on how to restore theContinue reading “You’re Not Done Yet: Writing the Book Is Just the First Step. Guest Post by Maggie Dana”

Guest Post: Malealea Lodge & Malealea Development Trust

Ellen Broadhurst, author of The Chronicles of the $700 Pony [Half Halt 2006] & The Further Adventures of the $700 Pony [Half Halt 2008], is now living the ex-pat life and touring the world with her family. The information on Malealea was written by her son Tom for a school project. Photos by Ellen. WelcomeContinue reading “Guest Post: Malealea Lodge & Malealea Development Trust”