AlphaBooks, D is for Davis

Graphic Design   Hobby Horse Hill by Lavinia R. Davis 1939 Pocket 1949 Bought from Basket Case Books via AbeBooks. Based on a recommendation from the blog of Todd Klein, “My favorite Davis books are about children and horses, ponies and donkeys, all riding animals, with the top title being “Hobby Horse Hill.” There areContinue reading “AlphaBooks, D is for Davis”

AlphaBooks, F & E are for Farley & Ebony

Graphic Design       The Island Stallion (Flame) Walter Farley 1948 Random House 2003 The Ebony Horse Adapted by Anne Terry White Garrard 1969 Even though “Flame & Ebony” is poetic, I put Farley in the title. Fire and horses are not a good mix. I also toned down the color to basic orange.Continue reading “AlphaBooks, F & E are for Farley & Ebony”

AlphaBooks, G is for Gallopalooza II

Graphic Design   Gallopalooza II: The Horses of Possibility City by Lynn Huffman Gallopalooza/Power Creative 2009 Not a TBR candidate. A book to pick up and admire the pretty pictures. Gallopalooza on the blog [Champion City, Guest Photo], page 85 in the book. The photo from Coach Courtney led me to finding the book. ThankContinue reading “AlphaBooks, G is for Gallopalooza II”

In Which I Ponder Reading Horse Books

Writing & Blogging I like horses. I like books. Given that these are both massive understatements, you would think that I grew up obsessed with horse books. Oh sure, I read more than the average city kid, but not as many as you might think. I read Misty & Justin Morgan but not Stormy, BrightyContinue reading “In Which I Ponder Reading Horse Books”

AlphaBooks, I is for Ipcar, Again

Graphic Design   Horses of Long Ago written & illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar Doubleday 1965 Ipcar, but not specific book, repeated from last year [I 2017] because I is difficult and Ipcar is interesting. This year’s book is also from Better World Books, via, recommended by Robin Bledsoe. Cover image from The World OfContinue reading “AlphaBooks, I is for Ipcar, Again”