Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker

Work: day off. Jennifer Walker is on a virtual book tour promoting her new book, Bubba to the Rescue. During her VBT, Jennifer is appearing at various sites around the Internet [full schedule under Upcoming Events]. Just as much work. Fewer airports. Welcome Jennifer: They say art imitates life, and in the case of myContinue reading “Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker”

Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Work: day off For fourteen years, I had a bimonthly book column in the USCTA News/Eventing USA. It was one of those gigs for which you can’t believe you are getting paid. Editors and attitudes changed but apparently my fixation with books I hasn’t, which is why my second guest spot is Linda Benson talkingContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Guest Blogger: Keeping Secrets

Work: day off. Book Review of Keeping Secrets by Maggie Dana [rerelease Kindle 2011] by Ellen Broadhurst, The Blithe Traveler I know Maggie Dana through my mother. So I asked Ellen Broadhurst to do the honors as she has no dog in the hunt. Plus, she has experience with horses and books as the authorContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Keeping Secrets”