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Hobby Horse Hill
by Lavinia R. Davis
1939 Pocket 1949
Bought from Basket Case Books via AbeBooks.

Based on a recommendation from the blog of Todd Klein, “My favorite Davis books are about children and horses, ponies and donkeys, all riding animals, with the top title being “Hobby Horse Hill.” There are eight of them, published between 1939 and 1955 in hardcover, though there was a 1963 paperback of “Hobby Horse Hill” from Scholastic Books in 1963. That was my introduction to Davis’s wonderful horse books, and I’ve collected the rest over the years. She wrote over 40 books in all, including adult mysteries, teen romance stories, and several children’s novels under the pen name “Wendell Farmer.” I’m still looking for a few of those. She was a fine writer, and I recommend all her books, but especially the animal ones.”
And Then I Read: DANNY’S LUCK by Lavinia R. Davis

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