Guest Post: Judging a Book by its Cover – Maggie Dana

Work: day off Back in January, Blithe Traveler was kind enough to review Maggie Dana’s first book, Keeping Secrets. Since then, I have discovered it is even more fun to give the authors room to comment on their own books and the process of writing. Without further ado, welcome Maggie: It’s really all about shoesContinue reading “Guest Post: Judging a Book by its Cover – Maggie Dana”

Survey Says …

Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom & exercises: crossrails, plank, weave cones, reverse poles, & log. Report: Lowkey runthrough of all exercises to reintroduce the idea of double sessions. Walked over, on, through everything & groundtied while I adjusted a crossrail. Ramblings: The American Horse Publications, of which I am an Individual Member, would ask thatContinue reading “Survey Says …”

Here’s Your Ticket, Pack Your Bags

Work: day off. Report: I’m gonna be burning down a house. No worries, the conflagration less lyrical, more legal. The bag in question holds my turnout gear. Cute horse and fire anecdote: We were on a brushfire, which is a small, tame, domestic version of a woodland fire. Usually someone is burning trash and “leftContinue reading “Here’s Your Ticket, Pack Your Bags”