Horses at BrickFair 2015

BF 15 Pegasus
BF 15 Pegasus sign

BF 15 Hobbitton
BF 15 Hobbitton sign

BF 15 Red Barn sign

BF 15 stable
BF 15 stable sign

BrickFair on Rodney’s Saga
Text Art: BrickFair
Lessons From BrickFair
BrickFair: day 4 – Spotted at BrickFair
BrickFair: day 3 – Girls & Horses
BrickFair: day 2 – Foto Friday: LEGO Logo
BrickFair: day 1 – Hobby Comparison
The Things We Do For Love
Brickfair: day 4 sets with horses
Brickfair: day 3 Rodney as a LEGO mosaic
Brickfair: day 2 Olympics
Brickfair: day 1 horse sculpture & EQUUS

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