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The Effect of Meaning

ribbon display 400

If you don’t know what the colors represent, this is an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. If you know what the colors indicate, bummer dude.

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  1. Have an idea but i’m not sure…and the answer is….

  2. Not bummer, dude. It means you’ve put up a good fight.

  3. Mine are all on the brown, LIGHT blue, and silver end of the spectrum in the past (cough cough lots and lots) of years.

    • Me too. Although I’ve got to say that the ribbon I treasure most was a green. 6th out of 75 in a hunter class, and the top five were professionals.

  4. Pretty colors. My favorite color has always been purple.

  5. I know what the colors mean and I still like it. Each ribbon is pretty in its own right, despite perhaps representing something less than perfection. 😉

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