Ground Exercise 3: Weave Cones

Work: AM heat therapy only, rider [a courtesy title] on disabled list. Cough. Sniffle. Grade: n/a Set up: 4 orange highway cones in a row, approximately 5′ apart. Exercise: serpentine around cones. If we ever get into the jumper ring or out on cross country, Rodney will have many winning virtues: stride, power, boldness. However,Continue reading “Ground Exercise 3: Weave Cones”

Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.

Work: AM easy walk (even for us), PM ground exercises Grade: Rodney and I are back to work, making progress at the speed of stalactite formation.  In rereading the blog, I realized that last Tuesday was only his fourth afternoon session since our restart. It doesn’t matter how inexplicable I find his fears. The gremlinsContinue reading “Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.”

Peace Horse

(Apologies for the inadvertent preview this morning.) Work: 1/2+1/2x, heat therapy/groom Grade: n/a Not gonna see War Horse. I have enough issues with separation as is. Watching an entire movie on the subject is not my ideal afternoon. Plus, if I want to invite the devastation of war into my life, I’ll watch the news.Continue reading “Peace Horse”

Resuming the doom spiral.

Work: 1/2x heat therapy only Grade: n/a Our pattern is to groom before the afternoon session. On Tuesday, he was grazing next to the ring. It seemed silly to bring him into the barn just to turn around and come back. So I haltered & went directly to what passes for work. Mistake. Despite theContinue reading “Resuming the doom spiral.”