Letter Art, AlphaBooks: G is for Gray


Patsey Gray
Young Readers 1966

My childhood copy that has followed me through many years and many moves.

No website, no Wiki page.
Pony Mad Book Lovers: Patsey Gray aka Virginia Clark
Jane Badger Books: Patsey Gray
G Posts
Greenlee, Ballyloch [Referral Saturday: Adieu]
Green [A Fool But Not an April Fool]

This Year

[F is for Francis]
[E is for Endicott]
[D is for Doty]
[C is for Cooper]
[B is for Brown]
[A is for Anderson]

This Letter

[G is for Green Grass] 2015
[G is for Ghost Gallery] 2016

Past Years
[2016 Alphabet] [2015 Alphabet]

Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]. Open to recommendations for the remaining letters. Which books would you choose?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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