Letter Art, AlphaBooks: B is for Brown



A Good Horse Has No Color: Searching Iceland for the Perfect Horse
Nancy Marie Brown
Stackpole 2001

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Project explanation [AlphaBooks 2017]. Open to recommendations for the remaining letters. Which books would you choose?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: B is for Brown

  1. Stood at the bookcase trying to narrow it down to just a couple…
    E – Priscilla Endicott’s “Taking Up the Reins”
    K – Michael Korda’s “Horse People”

  2. Endicott – Yes. Already my choice for E. I feel vindicated.

    K – have decided on Krementz. I was obsessed with the unknown? glamorous? unreachable? world of A Very Young Rider. Gonna be interesting to look at it again after all these years.

    Thank you. Got any more?

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