Taking The Easy Way, A To Z Reflections

Posts: 30
Letters: 21

The A To Z Challenge plays to my strengths, perhaps too much.

I’m already blogging daily. I have been since 2012; unbroken, since 2014. Twenty-six posts is not a problem. Barring drastic life changes, I do 30 posts in April anyway.

At the moment, I have a list of activities and a schedule that works for me: my horses, saddle seat lessons, driving, photography, writing, & lettering. I wouldn’t want to take a month-long break from blogging about them. Therefore, no theme. Unless I can come up with a meta-theme that applies to all sections on which I can pontificate on once a week for 4 weeks. Hmmm.

So, my A To Z 2017 Challenge boiled down to putting alphabetical labels on posts. I missed on 5 days for an 81% success rate. In all of the missed cases, I had a time-sensitive post that didn’t match the letter.

This approach involves being clever. That’s easy for me. Diligent, insightful, nuanced, not so much. Quick? Smart-ass? Good with words? That’s me.

Plus, I’m already messing about with two other alphabets. Lettering on Sunday [H is for Hatch] and playing the alphabet game [Origin] with myself on Instagram [@alphabet2017]. That is ample alphabetization for one person.

If I want to visit blogs, I can still use the list. No blogger is going to complain that I can’t visit because I’m not participating in A To Z.

Why does it matter? Changing the post title from New Equipment: Stirrup Leathers to New Equipment: Stirrups Up doesn’t take much time. It matters because the little bits add up.

I need to do what’s hard. Write thoughtful essays. Take better photographs. Or I could turn away from blog, to writing letters for my near-moribund freelance career, to writing my Hugo-winning novel that doesn’t seem to be writing itself. Or I could step away from computer entirely.

Spending time on what comes easily to me. It’s possible this applies to other areas of my life as well.

A To Z 2017, list below
A To Z 2014 [list of posts]

Any challenge suggestions for A To Z 2018?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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