The Bratitude Increases

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As the confidence increases, so does the back talk. Remember when Rodney mutinied going up the hill [Rodneyโ€™s Hillwork]? and then about standing [Rodney Channels]? The rot has spread to the ring.

I got on. We started walking. Rodney became fascinated with a stand of trees at the edge of the pasture.

Who’s there?
(Dramatic Reenactment)

I booted him in the side and told him to keep his eyes in the boat.

This is huge.

We were having a conversation under saddle. Okay, the conversation concerned what a brat Rodney was being, but one must to start somewhere. He wasn’t putting his hooves over his ears and waiting for the world to stop bothering him.

I say “not again,” but really I’m tickled. I can cope with attitude much better than with a fragile flower.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Update: One reader said that the annoyed came thru more clearly than the tickled in this post. I was annoyed. Rodney was being a twit. He was being a bog-standard, work-avoiding, exasperating horse. The fact that we had reached a level of normality where I COULD get after him for being annoying, THAT has me tickled.

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  1. I happen to love a little attitude – and yes, much better than the alternative. Yeah for you!!!

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