Rodney’s Hillwork

Remember back when walking up a hill caused Rodney to suffer an explosive anxiety attack? [Aftermath of an Explosion]

Illustration by Jean Abernethy

Illustration by Jean Abernethy

This is Rodney on the same hill last week, a mere five years later.

I don't waaaaana. It's too much wooooork.

I don’t waaaaana. It’s too much wooooork.

On the way up, he stopped repeatedly. Not from concern, rather from the fact that his hooves were glued to the ground.

Slow, plodding progress.
Horsekeeping note: the angle of the light makes Rodney look ribby. He actually looks pretty good, for a Thoroughbred, at least for one of my Thoroughbreds. I’ve never had one who knew how to blimp out.

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Katherine Walcott

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