Milton’s Overtime

O is for Overtime. If you are joining me from Blogging A To Z, welcome! Since the blog is already daily, with topics for each day [About: Schedule], there is no specific A To Z theme. I may even skip a few letters. Gasp. Clutch the pearls. The goal for this year is less crazy, more visiting. [Ze State of Ze Blog 2014]


Milton values his alone time [Naptime].

On more than one occasion, I have opened the stall door to zero response on the part of the occupant. Sometimes he’s eating. Sometimes he’s chilling. In neither case does he make any effort toward the door. [Daily Routine – Morning]

If I have time, I close the door and let him bake a while longer. Usually, he comes out on the second attempt. OTOH, there are days when I try three times and finally have to chase him out or use a halter to drag him out.

At the same time, I have to prevent Rodney from running into the stall [Inner Brat]. Rodney is learning to stand in an assigned, out-of-the-way spot while I decant Milton. He’s good about it, but if I take too long, he breaks the sit-stay.

I never doubted Milton values his naps [Update]. Now we have further proof.

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Katherine Walcott

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