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I get bored easily. I get motion sick. Therefore, keeping young Katherine entertained in a car was of vital importance. My grandmother and I used to play The Alphabet Game. Starting with A, we would look for the letters of the alphabet on roadsigns, billboards, license plates, etc. I remember wanting to be the first to spot a letter and that both parties had to see the letter for it to count. Beyond that, I’m hazy on the rules. We didn’t each have our own alphabet to complete. Nor did we count who found which letter in a joint alphabet. I don’t think it was a game wherein points were kept or a winner declared. I was young enough to be amused with Find the letter. Move on to the next.

Is this where I acquired my obsession with the forms of letters, with letters outside of their contribution to the meaning of a word?

I had completely forgotten about this game, until a conversation last weekend on car games. The other person’s family used to look for out-of-state license plates. If I had done this, would I be now obsessed with geography instead of typography?

What car games did/does your family play? Have digital devices made such games obsolete?

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5 thoughts on “Off Topic Text Art: Origin

  1. I remember one with a cow, other stuff and a lady in a purple suit. Anyone remember that?

  2. From elsewhere:

    We played that too! 🙂

    We had a lot of car games and we sang a lot. I can’t remember all of the games off hand but always remembered that one. I have wondered a time or two about if people still do that and kind of figured it happened a whole lot less these days which I find sad.


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