Wishful Thinking, The New Normal, Non-Fiction Version

Words   Last week was a fictional look at the near future [The New Normal, Fiction Fragment]. Today, is non-fiction. What will the world look like in 1, 2 , 5 years? Interesting opportunity. How often do we get a chance to do world-building IRL? I’m going with the happy forecast. Five minutes of reading/watchingContinue reading “Wishful Thinking, The New Normal, Non-Fiction Version”

The New Normal, Fiction Fragment

Words   Anxiety warning. This takes place in a world where closing down for two months each year has become standard practice. If you are healthy, safe, and bored, you may be amused. If you are being more directly impacted by C19, this may be too soon. Stay safe. Stay sane. Katherine Walcott ~~~ DearContinue reading “The New Normal, Fiction Fragment”

Surrounded By Stories, GWSE Logo

Lettering & Graphic Design     For your amusement. Storytime. Christopher Skaife is reading from his book *The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London* while sitting at various locations around the Tower. Love the book. Look forward to hearing it read in situ. I saw/heard this on Instragram: ravenology1. IContinue reading “Surrounded By Stories, GWSE Logo”

The State You’re In, February Contest Entries

Random Words Writing & Writing About Writing   For your amusement. A modified, model horse customizing contest for you to enter or to admire the wit and creativity of those who do. Circle C Artist Challenge Contest! Facebook Group “Now, with all the self quarantines, school closings and general TP insanity WHO WANTS A NEWContinue reading “The State You’re In, February Contest Entries”

State Of The Blog Logo & Color Reference

Celebrating Art     Red, Green, Blue “This color model is based on adding and mixing light – when you add Red, Green, and Blue light together, you create a pure white.” Modern Soapmaking, DIY Design: What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK?. Think of aiming spotlights onto a dark stage. R0 B0 G0 =Continue reading “State Of The Blog Logo & Color Reference”

Origins of the Lunar Colony, Plot Fragment

Words Writing & Writing About Writing   “I can’t let you stay on the moon by yourself.” We sat at the table Major Romero liked to use as his desk. “The next crew is launching in less than 2 weeks. I’d been here for 12 days. “We don’t leave a man, or woman behind. YouContinue reading “Origins of the Lunar Colony, Plot Fragment”

Let It Go, January Contest Entries

Random Words Writing & Writing About Writing     Contest Past #GWstorieseverywhere – Let It Go Entry 1 My morning ritual. No more chasing. I am awake. No more yelling. I am real. No more packing. I am safe.Let it go. #GWstorieseverywhere — Katherine Walcott (@willwrite4feed) January 11, 2020 My morning ritual. No more chasing.Continue reading “Let It Go, January Contest Entries”