Mood On Monday, Pondering The Moment

Thoughts   As custodians of the future, it behooves us to continue our documentation of this historical moment [Whither, Ugly]. The broadest global events are made up of individual moments, individual decisions, individual actions. Therefore, recording our situations as they occur in the flux of time creates the sine qua non of primary sources. WithContinue reading “Mood On Monday, Pondering The Moment”

Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II

Script for page one of a graphic novel. Page Layout Three standard rectangular frames. One large, half to 2/3 of page. Two small frames underneath. The margins around the frames are illustrated with a design that represent the lunar surface. As the location of the action changes from page to page, the design in theContinue reading “Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II”

The Mood On Monday, The Ugly Bits

Thoughts   A pingback from The Errant Moon (Waves hi!) led me to Imperfect Patience: Oral History. In the post, the author points out that “Publicity shots … always show pretty faces.” They talk about the need to chronicle the ugly as well as the pretty. “According to Landdeck, We are at least thirty yearsContinue reading “The Mood On Monday, The Ugly Bits”

Moonrats, Fiction Fragment

Words   Team Leader: Do you know what a Lunar Liaison does? Disgruntled Team Member: Yeah, she watches the machinery and obsesses about how much I shit. Team Leader: “The shitting oversight is so that your colon doesn’t shut down the first time it has to process a steak in earth gravity. But that’s notContinue reading “Moonrats, Fiction Fragment”

Warts And All, Contest Entries & Fragmentary Fiction

Words Writing & Writing About Writing   General These are my last contest entries for the foreseeable future. 1) I have a tendency to get interested in too many things. One tweet is small, but too many niggling drains on one’s concentration add up to distraction. I am trying to get better at maintaining focusContinue reading “Warts And All, Contest Entries & Fragmentary Fiction”