Mood On Monday, Putting The Outside World In Time Out

Thoughts Intro. My continuing efforts to document the moment. [Whither?] Awareness of the outside world. Not everyone is able to stay home. I can, so I do. Although, the outside world is making that decision easier every time we go out. But I get ahead of myself. ~~~ Let’s say you are a person whoContinue reading “Mood On Monday, Putting The Outside World In Time Out”

Fiction Prompt Prompting

Words … or lack thereof   Awareness of the outside world. Today is about Tulsa. Racial injustice. Public health risks. Politics. Wishing as much harmony as possible to everyone involved. ~~~ A great setting for fiction, right? It is/was the proposed location of the The Lowline, an indoor, underground park. Last time I was inContinue reading “Fiction Prompt Prompting”

Biking A Steep And Stony Path

Fit To Ride   Today. My experience with The Conqueror Virtual Challenges: The Inca Trail Virtual Marathon Tomorrow. Guest post from a traveler who has done Machu Picchu both virtually and IRL. ~~~ For exercise and vicarious amusement, I “biked” the 26.2 miles of the Inca Trail. This was my first experience with virtual travel.Continue reading “Biking A Steep And Stony Path”

Mood On Monday, Other Voices, A Dash of Hollandaise In The Cupcake

Thoughts   Last week, I gave my reasons for not adding my hand-wringing to the general conversation, “When you bite into a cupcake, you don’t want Hollandaise sauce.” [Mood On Monday, Venturing Out] Then, The Errant Moon reminded me that silence is not always a virtue. “Not saying something feels like complicity.” I don’t wantContinue reading “Mood On Monday, Other Voices, A Dash of Hollandaise In The Cupcake”

Outing Report, In Which I Venture To The Dentist

Thoughts   Since several of you were kind enough to ask about my great adventure, I thought I would give a detail accounting. Also to record the moment. Either we will reach a point when we no longer have to go through these gymnastics. In which case, we will forget what it was like. OrContinue reading “Outing Report, In Which I Venture To The Dentist”