The Weather Outside Is Frightful (for us)

Work: short walk, groom. Report: cold & windy. I was for giving the whole thing a miss, discretion being the better part of valor, but Greg insisted on a company walk. It went as well as could be expected in this weather. Rodney was on his toes but not a turkey about it. Which isContinue reading “The Weather Outside Is Frightful (for us)”

Immersed in the Equine Idiom

Work: PM heat therapy. Discussion: Two microwaved heating pads + sheepskin cover + wool blanket + warmish weather = happy horse. I have no idea why he doesn’t melt. Ramblings for the Day: I can’t swim and count at the same time. In order to keep track of my laps for the Polar Challenge thatContinue reading “Immersed in the Equine Idiom”