Back Issues with Rodney

Can a horse’s body remember trauma from a decade ago?

On the upside, Rodney and Milton continue to play [Downs & Ups, Outtakes] On the downside, they now come in with with bumps and bangs.

Milton peeled a thin, 2-inch-long layer of skin from the center of Rodney’s back. (In an extremely inconvenient place for riding sitting upon.) No blood. Barely a scrape. Just hair, skin, and maybe the teeniest, tiniest bit of red skin under the scab.

However, Rodney reacted out of proportion to the (lack of) severity of the injury. When I checked on it, he would fling his head, flinch, and sink his back. Yes, he is a drama llama, but this was extreme even for him. You would expect this level of response after surgery.

It is in the same/close to the same area where he had a near-fatal injury as a colt [Daddy Dearest, scroll down]. Does the discomfort cause him to have flashbacks? Can horses have flashbacks?

Bodies are weird.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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