Zeno’s Massage

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercise [rp, wv, cx]. Report: After separating the cones to make his maneuvering easier, he did so well that he got ahead of me. Ramblings for the Day: History reports that at the beginning of the month, the adhesion between underlying scar tissue and the skin on Rodney’s backContinue reading “Zeno’s Massage”

Cause for Cautious Optimism?

Work: AM heat/PM groom & all 6 exercises, including walking into the ring for the 360o turn-around box. Report: Still unhappy going to the ring but seemed relieved when he realized we were doing the box. Improvement over last time [Joining] & how the plan is intended to work [Blow, Boredom]. Ramblings for the Day:Continue reading “Cause for Cautious Optimism?”

The Return of King Arthur

Work: day off, for Mondayesque reasons. Chance of late afternoon/evening rally. Ramblings for the Day: Sometimes decisions get taken out of your hands. As I’ve said elsewhere, one of us sits with Mathilda while she finishes her meal. There are more efficient arrangements, but it’s not unpleasant to sit on a stool in the field,Continue reading “The Return of King Arthur”


[Olfaction is the sense of smell. For your Goggle tidbit today, “The Sense of Smell Institute is the research and education division of The Fragrance Foundation, the non-profit, educational arm of the global fragrance industry.” You’re welcome] Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom & walk. Report: group walk around 7/8 of the pasture, 90% relaxed. RamblingsContinue reading “Olfaction”

The Virtues of Sloth

Work: PM heat therapy/EVE grooming planned. Report: Nicely quiet. Improvement over last time [Caution Feral Horse]. Ramblings for the Day: Do you get points if you do the right thing for the wrong reason? Between regularly scheduled programming, weather, & a house crisis, I did not get to the barn for 3 days last week,Continue reading “The Virtues of Sloth”

Foto Friday: Signalment, Chestnuts, & Trichoglyphs

[Terms for the title & captions taken from a post on Horse Identification by Ed Kane, PhD, on the site dvm360.com.] Work: day off. Sewage tank issues. The joys of country living. Report: exhausted. Why is it so tiring to watch other people work? And to write checks? Ramblings for the Day:Linda Tellington-Jones propounds aContinue reading “Foto Friday: Signalment, Chestnuts, & Trichoglyphs”