Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker

Work: day off. Jennifer Walker is on a virtual book tour promoting her new book, Bubba to the Rescue. During her VBT, Jennifer is appearing at various sites around the Internet [full schedule under Upcoming Events]. Just as much work. Fewer airports. Welcome Jennifer: They say art imitates life, and in the case of myContinue reading “Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker”

Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.

Work: EVE heat & groom. Report: second day of our new two-person stretch, see Saturday. Felt movement in the target area while his head was down. Less when he raised it. Ramblings for the Day: My generous Guest Poster from Wednesday, Writing from the Right Side of the Stall, wrote about the similarities between onlineContinue reading “Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.”

Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!

Work: great hopes for today, nothing realized so far. Report: getting this out early in case the weather poodles are right about the oncoming storm. [Of course that was deliberate. I would have thought the LEGO posts would have given away the geek thing.] Ramblings: The plan is to move Rodney’s exercises out of theContinue reading “Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!”