Maps For the Month, State of the Fitness

Daily Walk

New Places

Riverchase Galleria. Embracing the stereotype of being an old fart in America, I went for a walk in the mall on a rainy day. I can see why it is (was?) popular, particularly if you live somewhere with inhospitable weather. I haven’t been to this mall since the LEGO store closed in January of 2020. I was so busy looking about that I forgot to take a walk photo. The other walk photos fell flat, so Strava maps this month.

Oak Grove Park. Click over & scroll down for photos. Not pictured is a cute, free-standing stage for summer plays? concerts? Internet is not forthcoming.

The Y. Now that we have rejoined, I can walk there on rainy days. On this track, 14 laps = 1 mile. Used Strava because there is no way I can count to 14. I lose my place when I do three laps in the pasture. When I do four laps at a park, I walk two laps in one directions, reverse, walk two the other way. I still occasionally wonder if I’m on lap 3 or 4. Once, I did an extra lap to be sure. So 14 laps in one direction is a no-hoper. Map is complete spaghetti b/c inside. The next time, I walked until I was between 20-25 minutes and called it a mile.

Brook Highland Plaza. Strip mall during errands. Bham Wiki: Brook Highland Plaza

Repeats. Pasture. Westover [Picture This]. Orr Park [Slow Flight Around The Park]. Local park.

Monthly 5K

Oak Meadow Park. As with last month, I couldn’t think of anywhere new or clever to go. When I started running out of month, I picked a simple track and walked for an hour. Photos.


A sprinkling of biking and gym visits.

Last month [Perfect Attendance Record]


4 thoughts on “Maps For the Month, State of the Fitness

  1. You have inspired me. I have switched from a 20 minute period of continuous walking to 5,000 steps including the steps during the 20 minutes. I hope to increase my daily count gradually.
    You have often told me that you “need” to walk/exercise. As a lifelong couch potato/reader, I had no idea how that might feel. Now I do.
    Thank you.

  2. There was a mall where Toby and I used to walk. I was already using a cane so the level surface made it easier for me.

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