Stall Rest Chronicles 6 April, Rodney Takes a Me Day

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase IV]

Fourth month post surgery
Week 4 of four weeks pasture rest

We suspect Milton might be a little much to live with these days.

Last Monday was a rainy, overcast day. Rodney decided that he needed some alone time.

Breakfast. Rodney goes in stall to eat.

After breakfast.

Me: Wanna go out?
Rodney: No, not really. It’s raining out there and I have hay in here.


Me: Wanna go out? How about I give you a carrot?
Rodney: How about I stand in the open doorway and stretch my neck reallllllllly long?

Still later.

Me: Wanna go out?
Rodney: (napping)
Me: (refills water, heads back to house)
Rodney: (never moves)

And yet still later.

Me: Wanna go out?
Rodney: (standing with nose over hay spot, giving me the look) As soon as you care to stop this charade and give me hay, that would be good.
Me: Okay, if you want to stay in until dinner, I guess that’ll work.

Shortly before dinner.

I go up to get the feed buckets. Rodney is standing at the stall door.

Rodney: I’m ready to go out.
Me: Really? Now?
R: Yup. Places to go. Things to see.

I let him out. Wasn’t like they wouldn’t come thundering back for eats.

What do I do with my day? I am doorminder for a horse.

Updated 4 April. I had forgotten one.


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