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I’ve written hundreds of articles, 403 at last count, with a handful more since then. Almost all for print media. Therefore, my online professional links are a small fraction of my CV. Below are the results of an ego search to see what I could find of my commercial writing on the Internet.

Horses, General Articles

the Horse: Katherine Walcott, 15 articles listed, 2000 to 2011. You have to sign up for an account to read them. “Katherine Walcott is a freelance writer living in the countryside near Birmingham, Al. She writes for anyone she can talk into paying her and rides whatever disciplines she can talk her horses into doing.”

The Bloodhorse: Girth Tightness and Performance, Deirdre B. Biles, March 20, 2001. “A girth that is too tight can have a negative effect on a racehorse’s performance. That conclusion is based on recent research conducted in Australia, writes Katherine Walcott in the April edition of The Horse.” Summary of article.

Your Dressage: The Unreliable Partner, by Jessica Ransehousen with Katherine Walcott, May 20, 2022, Reprinted from the March/April 2022 issue of USDF Connection magazine.

USDF Connnection: Sweet On Dressage, 2016.

USDF Connection: Meet the Clinician, 2011

USDF Connection: Fit For Life, 2010.

Horse Illustrated: State Ambassadors, November 2011. PDF not embedding. Available by search. Put my name or “horse” in search box, otherwise you get the U.S. Embassy.

Ones that I have stored. Series [Behind The Scenes] USDF 2012 to 2018. Personal essays [Mathilda in USDF Connection] 2008, [Rodney in Horse Illustrated] 2012.

Horses, Book Column

Written for USCTA/USEA from 1995 to 2009.

USEA: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, 2008

USEA: On The Bookshelf, 2008. Equestrian Style by Vicki Moon

On the Bookshelf – Life Among the Winners, 2008

Blurb from book column, “Younger girls will be inspired…adult girls will remember back to when just being near a horse was all you needed to make your day. – Katherine Walcott, Eventing USA.” Willow Bend: Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse

More blurb. Quoting a rider’s favorite book. Paul Belasik

Horses, Personal Column

Back To Eventing was one of my few online projects. It seems to have been taken down. I reposted them. [BTR 7 of 7, Coda scroll down for list of posts]


PACE: Mechanisms of Defibrillation for Monophasic and Biphasic Waveforms, Walcott et al. 1994


“A Moment In Paris,” to Travelers’ Tales France, O’Reilly et al. eds., [In Which I Remember France and Find Myself in Google Books]

General Interest

UAB: Products of the System, Faces of Education in China, 2022

Alabama Alumni Magazine: Ancient Lessons , Moundville Archaeological Park, 2004.

I Am a Telephone Man: Wallace R. Bunn’s Life in the Bell System, by Leah Rawls Atkins and Katherine Tuttle Walcott, Pine Ridge House 2009.
On Amazon & from two sellers on AbeBooks
The Alabama Business Hall of Fame: Wallace R. Bunn
No review or commentary of book online. [Writing Life: My Book]


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  1. Thank you.

    Confession. It looks impressive as a highlight reel. Even I think it looks impressive. Spread out over decades, it didn’t feel impressive at the time.

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