Sunny Days, State of the Fitness

Awareness of the outside world. Kennedy Center Honors, one of the best shows on TV. In 2022, they honored Gladys Knight. Have you ever thought about what the singer is offering in Midnight Train to Georgia? ‘I’d rather live in his world’ when his world is the Jim Crow South? Nope. Sorry, Honey. Love ya but … Also, for a white dude in a cowboy hat, Garth Brooks rocked the song.


Daily Mile Walks

Pretty weather, which means good footing, which means lots of pasture walks. A few local repeats. No new places to report.

Monthly 5K

Laps in the pasture. Handwalk Rodney for Virtual Tevis miles. [VT Archive]


Plus. Gym. Seeing gradual improvement, even going only once a week.

Less plus. Biking. Rides that used to be routine seem far.

Last month [Maps For the Month]


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