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Awareness of the outside world. Looking behind the pomp. “And here is the thing, none of this is any different to the medieval conception of monarchy.Going Medieval: On maintaining monarchical succession.


The Stall Rest Chronicles ran for two & a half months.

From [The Stall Rest Chronicles Begin] 25 January

To [Stall Rest Chronicles 13 April, Liberty Day!]

What did I learn from this?

I learned that I have lots of thoughts. Well, I knew this.

I learned that I don’t always have the energy to expound on those thoughts. I could have predicted this.

I learned that a short post works just fine.

I am trying to carry this forward. Not up to a long discussion of X? Say something briefly about Y. Move on.

Today is a case in point. I had something more elaborate planned, based on the UK coronation. Did I have to do it? No. Did I want to? Also, no. So why do it? Keep the bit I like, above. Make a quick note about making quick notes. Revel in the meta. Move on.

Ideas are the easy part. Judicious use of time & energy is a work in progress.

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