Foto Friday: Finding Fotos

No photos, more photo discussion [last week, Distance Problems].

A while back [Self-Improvement], I resolved to have more visuals. What should I do if I didn’t take a photo at the time? For example, yesterday’s post could’ve used a picture of Mr. Whizbang [Driving].

If it’s at home, I can recreate the event [Bratitude]. Even if it doesn’t come out quite right [By George], I still get something. If it was a show, travelling, or even at SSF, this is not an option.

Plan Ahead
Part of the problem is that, generally, I don’t know I will be talking about a specific saddle seat lesson until after. I could take one each time on the off chance. This would get annoying for me, for the horse, and for Ms. Courtney. I know I will be talking about Rodney’s lessons, but I am not in a headspace to cope with photos before dressage. Plus, photos before lessons would be a distraction at a time when I should be thinking about riding rather than writing.

Reusing old photos feels like cheating, unless I am making a specific point about the year before [Show Report: Security Blanket], or it’s a pretty picture and I really want to [Greg and the Ladies]. For yesterday, I could have used the between-the-shafts picture from an earlier driving lesson.


It’s cute enough to bear repeating at least once. OTOH, you and I are both gonna get tired of the same pics over and over.

Thoughtful Equestrian uses illustrations, Nekkid, that I assume are hers. I’ve used lettering [Self] and signs [It Takes A Village]. Art is not my forte.

If you blog, how do you get your visuals?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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