Concerning Conflicts

Driving Thursday

In Which My Magnanimous Gesture Turns Out To Be An Empty One

Snippy & Me
Photo by Courtney Huguley

Phase 1: We first discuss Greg’s driving schedule. NO conflicts. I send Coach Courtney, Stepping Stone Farm, a celebratory text.

3 organizations. 3 show schedules. No conflicts. #signfromtheuniverse

The three organizations were the two driving groups, AWWCC and MTCC, & the saddle seat folks.

Phase 2: Coach Kate, Whip Hand Farm, decides our plans have been a wee bit ambitious. We pull back to more local/regional activities. Dates collide. I write my Selfless Wife post saying that it is Greg’s turn and I won’t show for three months [Conflicts].

Phase 3: Life-related logistics conspire against the various combined driving activities.

Result …

I’m going to a horse show! Since I have a truck now!! I can bring the second cart, meaning I can show both driving and riding. Snippy will be my chauffeur (or I will be his?). While Snippy is marvelous to drive, he doesn’t have Alvin’s auto-pilot. We have been doubling up on lessons to get acquainted.

Between the Shafts

Horse Show! Horse Show!

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Katherine Walcott

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