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When people within the saddle seat world ask about my future, my standard response is that if I could jump, I’d drop y’all like a bowl of warm potato salad. I’m only half-joking. In response, Coach Courtney smiles benignly and points out that I could do both.

Technically true. Suit horses are in training 6 days a week and ridden by their owners one day a week. Auxiliary lessons are taken on school horses. The cost would be significantly higher, but the time commitment would be the same as now.

In the real world, you run out of weekends. The first ASB show of the season takes place the second weekend in March. Greg & I have only one other activity that month. Guess which weekend it occurs. Overall, of the six shows scheduled for the first half of the year, I have conflicts with four of them. I will undoubtedly have an abundance of show opportunities this year. But I can’t have it all.

Most of the conflicts are with Greg’s driving. He has been supportive of the horses since day one. He has not breathed a word of complaint about my extensive saddle seat showing. It’s his turn for a while. Unless Rodney decides to jump. Then, potato salad.

The next show on my schedule is at the end of May. No showing for 3 months. How will I survive?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Conflicts

  1. You and Greg are lucky to have found each other. Giving him his turn, as you put it, is a very loving gesture – wrong word but i can’t find the right one – of you.

  2. If Rodney starts to jump, M2 and I will be happy to watch. At least until M2 gets jealous of all the attention Rodney will be getting and decides to out jump him.

  3. “You and Greg are lucky to have found each other.” Yes. We’ve both said no one else would live with either one of us.

    “… and decides to out jump him.” From your mouth to God’s ear.

    1. Years ago, I was seeing an Arabic physical therapist and said ‘from your lips to God’s ears,” using the gesture many Jews use when saying that phrase – touching your lips then raising your arm upward. It’s not anything anyone taught me, it’s just there. And he looked startled, and said ‘we have the same thing in Arabic.’ Guess it’s something about that part of the world, LOL.

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