Sticking My Toe Back In The Water


Since I have an eligible article this year, I have entered the AHP Equine Media Awards again. In 2013, my entry was a person experience essay [The Envelope, Please …]. I placed 4th out of 18. This year, I entered my profile of Phyllis LeBlanc, owner of Dark Horse Chocolates, aka Harbor Sweets [Sweet on Dressage]. The deadline is tomorrow. Results will be announced at the annual seminar in June.

Entering the contest has flexed my atrophied career muscles. I want to get back in the game. Although, I must confess this is not a new goal. I have been less than diligent.

One of my goals for 2014 was to get more paying work [7th Day]. I’ve approached it with the same intensity that I have used for horse hunting – a general willingness to be open to anything that falls into my lap. This has worked as well as you would expect.
10 Reasons to Get Paid to Write

(Shortly thereafter, Milton fell into my lap. From a fellow journalist, no less. But I digress.)

The challenge opportunity is that the industry has changed. Since 2008, staff positions have evaporated, which means more freelancers. This is what I have always done, so no big deal there. However, it also means competition from people who have done it more, if not longer, than I have.

These days, online is respectable and platforms are a must. It is no longer a matter of contacting the people with whom I used work to ask ‘Whatcha need?’ Or maybe it is that simple and I’m overthinking it. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Wish me luck.


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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