New Equipment: Britches & Boots

My first new britches – in contrast to jods – in a decade.



My philosophy for schooling is to get as close to show attire as I can afford. Then, I don’t have any rude surprises in the show ring. Since Rodney has no shows on his horizon, I can go for as much comfort &/or bling as I fancy.

What’s wrong my old/other clothes? I have traditional britches, but they are less comfortable and more depressing. My tall black boots have to be reheeled. The last person to work on them left nails sticking up into the soles. Need to send them off. Someday. My black half chaps have gone walk-about.

My black Ariats [Before & After] are for SSF. I maintain separate shoes, brushes, etc. to minimize cross-contamination.

I picked the pants, because flashy. Brown boots, for contrast so I know which ones to wear where. Smooth leather half chaps instead of suede because I like how they look and I hate when suede gets worn & shiny. Since the half chaps are snug, I tossed in a two pairs of zippy, thin sox, so I can keep my thin show socks with my show gear.

Bottom line? Because I wanted to.

Ariat Boots & Half Chaps
Kerrits Pants
Noble Outfitters Socks
All bought from Carousel Tack Shoppe.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “New Equipment: Britches & Boots

  1. Oh, that’s socks on your feet! Took me a bit. V. Snazzy.

    New clothes usually perk me right up, especially new sports clothes. My new yoga outfits help me believe I can really do this.

    Good move!

  2. Ok. I looked up half-chaps. Those aren’t socks, they’re half-chaps. Now I can see more clearly. Knowing what I’m talking about before I start writing doesn’t seem to be in my skill sets! My bad.

  3. Joan: Riding footwear has changed over the years. The boots – all with zippers – look more like these half chaps. Pull-on boots are so 20th century.

    Anon: If you are who I think you are, the socks are nowhere near neon enough.

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