The Envelope, Please …

2013-seminar-logoLast Saturday, the same day that I was flailing around at the horse show [Show Report], the winners were announced for the 2013 AHP Annual Awards Contest. [nomination notice, photo]. Here’s what the judges had to say:

Personal Single Column
Circulation over 20,000 (Print)
Honorable Mention

Katherine Walcott
“Finding Safe Harbor”
May 2012
Published in Horse Illustrated
Reader’s interest is piqued right away by the height disparity between the rider and her mount. It’s a well‐written account of a horse being ridden into a new mindset. [Awards Program].

Given the size of the class, the judges awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, with two Honorable Mentions. I was essentially tied for 4th out of 18. The winning topics were more serious and of broader reach: the importance of a correct diagnosis, the value of getting fit to ride, and convincing people to wear helmets.

Since I did not go to the meeting, I was not able to swan about with a “Finalist” ribbon on my name tag either. Guess it wasn’t my weekend. Yeah, yeah, the previous weekend I won big [Show Report]. We wants them all, my Precious.

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