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“Sweet on Dressage”
USDF Connection
October 2016
United States Dressage Federation

A profile of Harbor Sweets Owner Phyllis LeBlanc.

My first real article in a long, long time. In truth, it’s a “Behind The Scenes” [clips] writ large. But it’s five pages, running in the main part of the magazine, with photos (not mine) and everything, so I’m going with it.

I have not asked the editor about posting the entire article. On the first place, magazines usually require a set amount of time before an article appears elsewhere. In the second, if I want to go crazy with writing clips, I ought to get my a. in g. and work on writer’s website. These were coming in just as I was fading out.

Therefore, unless you are a USDF member &/or have access to Connection, this post is an empty announcement, i.e. a brag.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Comments on: "Other Writing: Sweet on Dressage" (2)

  1. Hi Katherine,

    We were thrilled with the article you wrote for USDF Connection! It was very well -written. I am not above the shameless brag so if any of your readers want to see the full article following is a link

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