State of the Blog: Another Aborted Twitter Adventure

@RodneysSaga – active briefly, inactive once again.
@RodneySagaBlog – active, for now. Post alerts, except for weekends [Weekends Off].

Aside from a set of horse show tweets [Nationals], I had not Twittered since January of 2016. Then came Rolex 2017. I followed anyone who was posting on websites, Facebook, or Instagram. I even resurrected my Twitter account. 7 Rolex tweets, listed below.

What to do now that I was back in the Twitterverse? Eureka! I will post biweekly equine bon mots … and I will use the hashtag #horsewords …. and it will catch on …. and I’ll create a whole Internet movement … and I’ll gather the best ones into a book and …


I came up with 2 since the end of April.


You’d think I could do words. I do words here. I can post. I post Instagram. Ah-ha. cute cat photo op.

Snap. Post. Done. Does Twitter work this way for me? Alas no. Twitter continues to elude me. Dunno why.

Any advice to improve my appreciation of Twitter?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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Tweet Storage for April and May 2017
12 tweets & retweets

I retweeted her retweet of

Previous Tweet Storage
Show, October 2016 [Show Tweets, NACHS 2016]
Kitten addendum [SSF Kitten Tweets]
End [Tweet Storage as of April 2016]

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