Driving Mr. Whizbang

Driving Thursday

Mr Whizbang and I are not as good as Alvin and I were last year. Alvin’s not only a great horse, he’s an easy-going one. He’ll reward you for being close enough. Mr. Whizbang, not so much. I have the feeling that there is a very specific way that Mr. Whizbang wants to be driven. Only, he’s not going to tell me what it is. It’s on me to find out.

In our most recent lesson, we had a few steps of stellar, dirt-flinging extended trot. When I asked in – what felt to me – exactly same way, he cantered. Repeatedly.

Corners are similar. If I let him go, he canters. If I support as I did with Big, he slows down and we have to recreate the extended trot for each long side. Somewhere in there is the right amount of whoa and go. We had it for one turn around the bottom of the ring.

Mr. Whizbang is not being mean. If I get it right, he’s happy to cooperate. If I don’t get it right, meh. He sees no reason to do my job for me.

Talent and willingness are separate attributes. A talented horse might be hell on wheels, or a joy to work with. Ditto horses on the other end of the scale. Nor are these attributes absolute. Depends who’s asking. The blogger Bad Eventer bought a horse to move up the levels.

It turned out, anything with a ditch involved was a deal breaker as far as she was concerned.

Click over for the, um, illuminating photos. The mare has her good points …

As long as you stay below Novice and don’t point her at anything with a ditch underneath it she’s an absolute rock star.

… and is adored by new owner.

“I’m so grateful to have such a beauty in my life. Thank you to everyone who helped me have this moment and so many more with this mare I love.”

Bad Eventer: Where are They Now? Part Two

Mr. Whizbang is waiting for me to be the driver he deserves.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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