The Name of the Game

August hath dawned. Both horses arrived in August. That means

1) We’ve had Rodney for five years; Milton for one.

B) Coggin’s tests are due.

3 or C) Time to revisit my ongoing quest for decent show names. This nonsense will continue until either I find names I like or I show and am stuck with what I have.

Parameters as before: Help Me Name My Horse.
Prize as before: $25 at Amazon or online bookseller of your choice.
New this time: two horses, two prizes on offer.

Current Front Runners
Barn Names, i.e. Rodney & Milton
Milton: Monochrome Rainbow

Milton Sun Aug 24 2014 2

Previous Attempts
Milton: Canadian Cold Front [2014]
Rodney: Just Roscoe [2010], Perpetual Motion [2011, unofficial], Start Your Engines [2012, unofficial], Rodney [2013], Start Your Engines [2014]

History of Contest
Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered
Contest in Final Days
Contest Winner

New Year, New Contest
Contest Renewal
Final Chance. Again.
And The Naming Contest Winner Is …

Your Turn
Awaiting your amazing suggestions.

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