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Final Chance. Again.

Update: And The Naming Contest Winner Is …

Vet coming to take Coggins tomorrow. Need show name for Rodney. Prize as before, US$25 or equivalent to online book dealer of your choice. I shall reread old entries, but please feel free to weigh in again.

It begins, April 2012: Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered.
I finally get around to having the vet out, January 2013: Contest in Final Days.
I default to a name: February 2013: Contest Winner.
I have a chance to try again, January 2014: New Year, New Contest.
I have a new horse, September 2014: Contest Renewal.
I finally get around to having the vet out, December 2014.

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Comments on: "Final Chance. Again." (5)

  1. What’s wrong with “Rodney”? or “Just Rodney”? Or confuse people into thinking he’s a chestnut with “Redhead Rodney”? People below a certain age aren’t even going to think of Rodney Jenkins.Or….

  2. Okay, Rodney should be No Respect (after Rodney Dangerfield), and Milton should be Uncle Pennybags (from the Milton Bradley game, Monopoly)

  3. From Facebook, “Third Times The Charm”. B.M.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions.

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