Final Chance. Again.

Update: And The Naming Contest Winner Is …

Vet coming to take Coggins tomorrow. Need show name for Rodney. Prize as before, US$25 or equivalent to online book dealer of your choice. I shall reread old entries, but please feel free to weigh in again.

It begins, April 2012: Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered.
I finally get around to having the vet out, January 2013: Contest in Final Days.
I default to a name: February 2013: Contest Winner.
I have a chance to try again, January 2014: New Year, New Contest.
I have a new horse, September 2014: Contest Renewal.
I finally get around to having the vet out, December 2014.

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  1. What’s wrong with “Rodney”? or “Just Rodney”? Or confuse people into thinking he’s a chestnut with “Redhead Rodney”? People below a certain age aren’t even going to think of Rodney Jenkins.Or….

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