A Day Of Rest

A few days post-show [Report], I went out to visit the horses. The uber-reliable Sam was in a mood: snorting, staring into space, and hopping about. The plan was to graze him for an hour. However, I was done with his nonsense after 50 minutes. So I turned him loose in the ring …

Sam 11 26 14 roll
… he rolled …

Sam 11 26 14 run
… he ran about.

After 10 minutes he was done. He stood by the gate saying, Take me back to my stall please.

This is the horse Stepping Stone uses …

… for unknown quantities, “Sam gradually jollied me out of my nerves with his willingness to do as little work as I requested.” [My first lesson: Sam I Am]

… and as a first-time show horse.

Photo by Melissa C.
Photo by Melissa C.
My first saddle seat show, two years ago this month [Sorta]. More on this Saturday. (Update: Saturday after next. I’m losing track of my weekends.)


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