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Hello to anyone checking in from The Bloganista Mini-Con presented by Laura Vincent Printing & Design.

Today I will be gathering with other area bloggers at a local library, to “launch your blog or take your blog to the next level.” [ibid]

RS flyer August 2015

I have already scored helpful advice from the pre-conference mixer. My name is now on the flyers that I hand out in lieu of business cards. People wanted to know who I was, not just the title of the blog. Really? I’m not used to my name being a significant feature, “When I write an article with training tips from a Big Name Rider … the only name the readers want to hear is that of the subject.” [Identity: Content].

Plus, I came away from the mixer with two post ideas. 1) Since it is Rodney‘s Saga, they wanted to hear what Rodney had to say [From The Horse’s Mouth]. 2) Live blogging my attempts at being sociable [Blog Mixer Tweets].

Can’t wait to see what the conference proper has to offer.

My goals are the same as for Y’all Connect, an earlier blogging conference. Be proud of my blog, Don’t make myself crazy [State of the Blog]. As regular readers may recall, barn crises (yes, crises plural) kept me from attending [Conference Report. Not. Short Version. & Conference Report. Not. Long Version.].

For those of you not interested in blogging in Alabama, today is International Helmet Awareness Day. Retailer discounts & educational webinars. Information at What is International Helmet Awareness Day?.

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Designed by Catherine Strachan
Designed by Catherine Strachan

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