New Occasion For Helmet

I wear a helmet when I longline. I do so because:

  • I’m new to this.
  • I’m usually alone (I also carry a charged cell phone).
  • Most importantly, I’m near the kicky bits.

As compulsive as I am about safety, I have not heretofore used a helmet for groundwork. The mists of time do not reveal whether I had to lunge for my USPC B-test. If so, I wore a boots, helmet, & gloves, as per formal protocol. Otherwise, no. It would not have been a bad idea. Previous Horse was known to aim a flyer at one’s head during lunging.

On the TV coverage of the London Olympics cross-country day, one of the veterinary staff was wearing a helmet. I hadn’t seen this before. I will admit, it looked odd. Then I realized that her position might have required diving in where angels fear to tread. A stuck horse becomes free with the hooves the moment he or she starts to become unstuck. Made sense.

What say you? Helmet for groundwork, yea or nay?

6 thoughts on “New Occasion For Helmet

  1. Sometimes… but more often not.

    I put it on if I’m doing something I expect to be problematic (e.g. first time pessoa lungeing in canter) but for the most part go without because D doesn’t kick or rear more than 2 inches under any circumstance I’ve found so far and has a good understanding that any bucking will not be done near humans.

    If there was any circumstance in which I was doing anything more than leading anyone else’s horse in hand, it would go on, unless I really trusted that horse (no current candidates on the yard).

    I do always wear a helmet when I walk D on the roads. It has more to do with me not trusting drivers than anything else, I think. Plus it would feel weird to put his knee boots on without adding some protection of my own.

  2. I use a helmet for lunging, long lining, and ground driving. I think I have done that for ages, BUT, I only lunge, long line or ground drive young or green horses. So, makes sense to me to have my head in a bucket.

    1. Head in a bucket. Love it! I’ve had too many concussions – only 2 horse-related – to take any chances. Not that i have a horse at the moment, or could ride it if i did….

  3. From Haynet (archived for posterity): “i always wear a hat too for groundwork, also for loading/unloading and sometimes for tacking up depending n what order i do things in :)” GH

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