State of the Blog: Y’all Connect

For May and June, end-of-the-month horse show reports replaced/will replace end-of-the-month blogging commentary. (!!) Instead, mid-June posts on a blogging conference. List of previous SotB.

Tomorrow, I will be attending Y’all Connect, a blogging + social media conference presented by Alabama Power. Report to follow.

What I Will Do
I will enjoy being out among the three-dimensional people. Getting off the farm is good for my mental health.

I will get blog addresses from anyone within reach of my voice. I am endlessly fascinated by the variety of human activity.

I will be open to all ideas, suggestions, or advice. I have the option to be selective about what I apply.

What I Will Not Do
I will not make myself crazy about bloggers with bigger numbers.

I will not envy blogs that are cooler than mine.

I will not get my back up when someone pontificates about what I MUST do.

I will not be ashamed of having a niche blog. Chacun à son goût.

I will not forget my personal bottom line. As previously stated, the goal of my blog is “to keep me from going batshit crazy.” [Back]. I do not need monetizing, I do not need cross-platform promotion. As long as I am amused, the blog has achieved mission success.

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For your amusement, a discussion of etymology, Where did the phrase “batsh*t crazy” come from?

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  1. I agree — it’s fun to meet other bloggers. Every once in a blue moon I have lunch with Fran Jurga (of the Hoofblog fame). Honestly, I think just maintaining a blog is a great accomplishment!

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