Because The Shopping Never Stops

Horsekeeping Items bought in response to the Tennessee driving show [Not a post] and to prepare for Milton’s first non-compete adventure [Here for the Experience]. Driving knickknacks. Trace hangers that we should have had in Tenn. While we were at it, quick releases for holdback straps on the britching. Driving Essentials Pull strings for quickContinue reading “Because The Shopping Never Stops”

New Equipment: Riding Reins

Riding reins! Riding reins for me to ride my horse! BioThane reins from Two Horse Tack! Why white? Why not? Since we are sharing the driving bridle at the moment [I Ride Milton!], I wanted a color that would not get confused with Milton’s black [Reins] and red (eventually, for marathon) driving reins. Since drivingContinue reading “New Equipment: Riding Reins”

Milton Meets Butt Brakes

Driving Thursday Aside from the gorgeous horse and handsome driver, the significant part of this picture is the strap in the back. When going downhill, the breeching keeps the cart from running up on the horse. Saddlebred harness does not have this. They do not expect to be going up hill and down dale. IfContinue reading “Milton Meets Butt Brakes”

New Equipment: Bit & Pieces

Milton’s new driving bit, to replace the one borrowed from Coach Kate [With Great Bit Comes Great┬áResponsibility] Shorter shanks and a gentler mouthpiece. More pants. Previous pants [Shopping Spree] were too small. How did I end up with a waistsize bigger than my inseam? In my defense, I like a loose fit. Previous pants didContinue reading “New Equipment: Bit & Pieces”

New Equipment: Rodney Tests The Vest

Vests for our CDE debut. Greg gets the short vest since he sits. I get the longer since I stand. Plus I might, someday, possibly, in a fantasy world, use it on cross-country. Overall, Rodney has done little this summer. Once his ankle was almost deswollen [Dubious Future], he got a small scuff right underContinue reading “New Equipment: Rodney Tests The Vest”