New Equipment: Riding Reins

Riding reins!

Riding reins for me to ride my horse!

BioThane reins from Two Horse Tack!

Why white? Why not? Since we are sharing the driving bridle at the moment [I Ride Milton!], I wanted a color that would not get confused with Milton’s black [Reins] and red (eventually, for marathon) driving reins. Since driving reins are removed when unharnessing, the potential for a tangled heap of reins is high. At least we will be able to sort by color.

So they get dirty. They are schooling reins.

Schooling reins that I will use to school my horse!

Schooling reins that I will use to school my horse who I rode again on Sunday! (Although getting on was harder than it should have been, or more accurately, harder than I wanted it to be. I will prevail! Eventually!)

I’ll stop! using! exclamation marks! at some point!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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