Show Photo: ProAm 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Bzzzt … Thank you for playing … You are the weakest link …

Doug Shilfet Photography. Web image of purchased photo.

Originally, I didn’t want to remember anything about this show:

This is the first time I did not buy a riding picture. It was that bad.
[Show Photo: Pro-Am 2017, The Wonderful Mr. Whizbang]

In the interest of completing the historical record, I went back and ordered. Why buy a bad photo? There was at least one where Desi was cute. Mostly she looked annoyed. I was a cross between grinning jack-o-lantern and deer-in-the-headlights in all of them. It was a horrible show [Show Report: Riding at ProAm 2017, or Showing Without My Security Blanket I] that ushered in a horrible spring/summer [Sine Die Saddle Seat, Pondering the Hiatus]. Why not get the picture that reflects the true situation?

My trifecta of saddle seat sins: looking down, leaning forward, and riding off my lower leg. Observe the daylight between my knee and the saddle. At least my hands are up?

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Katherine Walcott

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