Milton Continues His Summer Break

Training Journal   tldr: We almost found a saddle for Milton, but fell down the NQR rabbit hole instead. The local tack shop had a used 18″ Steuben. Ideally, I ride in a 17 1/2″ saddle, but 18″ is not a dealbreaker. It was old, but those saddles last forever. Eventhough Milton was taking timeContinue reading “Milton Continues His Summer Break”

Does This Saddle Make Me Look Sporty?

Training Journal   Yes, Milton you look very sporty in a saddle that costs more than you did. Saddle trials courtesy of Mo Fitts, Decoucoux Technical Advisor [Facebook] at Falcon Hill Farm. What follows is my best understand from what was said & my notes. Errors mine. Saddles First saddle: 17 1/2. Open tree. 00Continue reading “Does This Saddle Make Me Look Sporty?”

Get On and Go, Easy to Say, Hard To Do

Training Journal   Admin note: this took place and was written up before the show on Saturday [Someday]. I was feeling more charitable toward the Gray Wonder then. The show was not the biggest news lately. The big news was the saddle fitting session earlier in the week. The Thursday before the show, I tookContinue reading “Get On and Go, Easy to Say, Hard To Do”

Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness

Rodney’s saddle situation is not as dire as I had first thought [Evil Twin]. Things seldom are. We switched to the second & third girth straps instead of the first and third. This changes the balance of the saddle enough that the wither clearance is just on the correct side of acceptable, instead of justContinue reading “Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness”

Banishing Rodney’s Evil Twin

tldr: Horse acting up, possible reasons for, rider response tomorrow. Rodney had a Bad Day last month. This is not the nervous, tight horse who used to shut us out and go to his happy place. This is an arrogant, egotistical horse who is quite aware of what you are asking and doesn’t like itContinue reading “Banishing Rodney’s Evil Twin”

Pat Yourself on the Back, International Helmet Awareness Day 2018

Tackbox Tales   Do you wear a helmet? Kudos. Do you wear a helmet in a discipline where helmets are not standard protocol? Double kudos. You are not just protecting your head. You are protecting me, as a human being, from having to hear another horrible head-injury story. You are protecting me, as a taxpayer/insuranceContinue reading “Pat Yourself on the Back, International Helmet Awareness Day 2018”