Instagram Wrap-up 2022, Photo

Photography of the outside world. PetaPixel: Glass Plate Pinhole Camera Records Sun’s Path Over a Year, Growcoot, Sep 22, 2022.


Photo Back-Up

Caption: Rose #bassethound #bassethoundsofinstagram

Posted one more photo to round out the year. Went with dog for variety. Rose looking noble.

Also evened up my home page.

Instagram 2022

“On Friday posts, I usually talk about my fitness efforts, such as they are. It’s difficult to generate content – particularly fitness content – with one’s foot in the air. [Bored] … So I restarted my Instagram account, virtual_brush_box.” 17 June

[A Foto For Friday, Reopening The Blog Instagram Account] 17 June 2022. One photo. ER mural.
[Cat Photos For Friday, Instagram Recap] 24 June 2022. Three photos. Two of cats, one of geese.
[Cat Photo Friday, Instagram] 1 July 2022. One photo.
[Walk, World Games, and Wee Mouser, This Week on Instagram] 8 July 2022, Three photos, what it says on the tin.
[Instagram Wrap-up 2022, Photo] 30 December 2022. One photo, dog.

While part of me would love to have an active Instagram account, I put the idea aside for the same reason as last time. A daily blog is sufficient occupation. “I don’t need more time sinks.” [State of the Blog, Missing Social Media Jan 2021]

At least, any more time sinks in a similar endeavor. I would quite like to investigate the time sink of trot sets to put fitness on my competition horse. But I digress.

In other news, I originally said the idea of an active Instagram account was appealing. Has anyone realized how close the words “appealing” and “appalling” are when one is a sloppy typist?


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